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Cantine Exhibition - August 2014

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A chance conversation in one of my all-time favourite Toronto restaurants, Cantine, brought an invitation to hang a selection of paintings during the month of August!

If you are in the Avenue/Davenport road area pop in for a delicious snack/meal and check out my work… I was quite pleased at how well the venue shows the 12 pieces on display…

 Cantine Bar & Grill, 138 Avenue Rd, Toronto, ON M5R 2H6

The Essence of Ruby Player: Zoomer Timeless Exhibition/Competition

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The Rugby Player, part of my Essence of People collection has been accepted into the Timeless exhibition/competition.

Curated by Moses Znaimer and the Propeller Gallery, the exhibition will be held athe Direct Energy Hall (CNE) on Saturday 29th October 2011, and subsequently at the Twist Gallery 1100 Queen Street East until 27th November 2011. http://www.zoomershow.ca/2011/tor/toronto.html

The Essence of a Rugby Player is a captured human footprint or moment, an image of absence – Hopefully evoking/inspiring an emotional response to what is not seen – Timeless youthful endeavor, energy, fitness & vitality … Dedication, discipline, team spirit, camaraderie & pride!

Youth & physical prowess may ebb, but the individual human spirit of determination & triumph is eternal… if passed on to others…New energy gathers and bears fruit!

 Nature reclaims a desert ruin, a rusty wreck on the shore… eternally transforming… not destroying!   

 To see the full Essence of People Collection: http://www.rodgerhardingart.com/Gallery1/index.html