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Selection of Paintings Commissioned : Late 2017/Early 2018

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Blue Beach - 30"x40"

Blue Gorge - 32"x24"  one of my favourite creations

Bush Fire III - 60"x24"


Gulls Feeding: I covered an exisitng work with plaster.. dozens of gull-like shapes appeared... thought to go with the flow...


All Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

Exhibition - Denison, Texas October 2014

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Every artist, despite a successful sales record, reaches a point where local/obvious avenues have been explored and sales come from word of mouth or customer referrals.

Proactive marketing requires an enormous effort … especially for a mind that prefers to create.  In this context, I am deeply grateful, if not overwhelmed, at the consideration of a Dallas businessman who previously purchased several of my paintings. I was thrilled to learn that he had arranged an exhibition of my work at the Mary Karam Gallery in Denison Texas

I am particularly delighted that my work is hanging in Denison TX - - A town that has become a disitinct cultural/arts/innovation destination in the U.S.      

New Work - April 2013

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Have at last time to paint again... a new piece Blue Shipwreck 40"x30" (multi-media/acrylic on canvas) is a toned down version of the usually turbulent skies I usually enjoy painting...

Dead Sea Sentinel 30"x40" (multi-media/acrylic on canvas) is a retouched earlier work that I thought lacked life... it now has more vibrant earthy/orange hues...

Rusted Wrecks on the Shore!

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My latest work in the Beached Wreck series: This particular piece was inspired by a piece of rusted metal picked up on the beach last December. I thought the shape resembled the stern section of an old freighter. I gathered some beach sand/pebbles to provide the foreground relief/texture.

Over the past 2 years I have completed several pieces with the same theme - Again this reflects my pre-occupation with how everything is finally reclaimed by nature... Sad ... yet comforting!



A Selection of Available Work - Commissions Accepted

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Opera inspired work!

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From time to time I am a supernumary (extra) in Canadian Opera Company productions. This exciting pastime oftentimes involves spending long periods of time on stage looking out at the house/audience - In the displayed works I have endeavoured to capture the view from the stage looking out... An endlessly amazing experience. The late Richard Bradshaw was an inspirational human being... These pieces are dedicated to his memory with gratitude for the magic he brought to so many!