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Interesting Fountains

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2 stone fountains inspired by kurkar rocks picked up on the eastern Mediterranean shore... Kurkar is the sediment left behind post the Thira/Santorini tsunami/earthquake thousands of years ago... The bowls are made from hypertufa to give an authentic feel.

Customized orders accepted (limited stone supply)

The green glass table fountain was made from broken blocks of green glass found in an Ottawa building scrapyard... The bowl was picked up by chance in a thriftstore!


Kurkar & Dead Sea Sand

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These pictures represent many pieces I have done incorporating actual kurkar and Dead Sea sand to depict the beauty of the Negev Desert & the Dead Sea region/area. The very natural way the ruins are reverting to the desert itself represents gradual molecular change... Reminding me that all creation is of nature itself.

Kurkar is the layered shale-like sediment that was washed in layers over the eastern Mediterranean during the Tsunami post Thira/Santorini eruption thousands of years ago. Apparently Israel has the only above ground deposit visible for all to see.  

All sold. If interested in commisioning a similiar piece, call (416) 962-6700