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Country Bridge

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I found an old canvas circa 2006 in the studio this week, one of my first attempts to use texture on canvas ...I decided to have another go at getting the piece to work... Finally something to show!

I guess it there is truth in the saying that some pieces defy completion until the time is right... much like so much else in life...



Rusted Wrecks on the Shore!

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My latest work in the Beached Wreck series: This particular piece was inspired by a piece of rusted metal picked up on the beach last December. I thought the shape resembled the stern section of an old freighter. I gathered some beach sand/pebbles to provide the foreground relief/texture.

Over the past 2 years I have completed several pieces with the same theme - Again this reflects my pre-occupation with how everything is finally reclaimed by nature... Sad ... yet comforting!