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Blue River at Night - Commission January 2014

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A Chicago couple, with a beautifully decorated new home, wanted a painting that would blend with their color scheme of blues, greys and sand colors. "It must pop as well as bring a suggestionof interest/mystery ..."  

No matter how I varied the attempts to execute my own vison, the piece kept returning to what it is... I was delighted they approved! 

Clearly my sub-concious prevailed over my concious will!


Acrylic/Multi-Media on Canvas 30"x40" 

Aqua Wreck - Latest Commission

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This client asked for a soft, yet bright seascape... Aqua Wreck 40x24  - Acrylic/Multi-media on canvas. I could not help adding another bit of rusted metal, making this yet another in my ongoing Wreck Series.... I draw such comfort from reminders that nature will eventually reclaim even the worst polliution/damage we inflict on the environment...


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