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Red Sky at Low Tide

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60x40 Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

This piece was comissioned by a delightful client who wanted a red painting that "popped" - Intitially in trepidation of working with so much red, I pressed on... and this is the result. I had the pleasure of hanging the painting in her appartment... along with much red wine and taasty snacks... pleased with the outcome and how it looks in its new home!

Commission May 2018: Impending Storm

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Impending Storm - Acrylic on gallery canvas - 60"x40"

This particular work captures the original mental picture I started out with... So rare that it doesnt morph into something else!

Selection of Paintings Commissioned : Late 2017/Early 2018

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Blue Beach - 30"x40"

Blue Gorge - 32"x24"  one of my favourite creations

Bush Fire III - 60"x24"


Gulls Feeding: I covered an exisitng work with plaster.. dozens of gull-like shapes appeared... thought to go with the flow...


All Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

Commissions June-August 2016

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A selection of recent commissions delivered

New Paintings Delivered

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I was delighted to deliver these 3 pieces to the newly renovated home of a young family this week!  Fall Forest is the largest work... 60"x40", Sunset Crag 40"x30" is a vibrant piece that occupies a dramatic position at the top of the staircase, while Blue Highland 30"x40" is in soft blues and golds that the client wanted for the master bedroom,

All pieces are a mix of acrylic paint, plaster and natural material.

New Commission: April 2014

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Agonized over this one ..... The client wanted bright blues, deep pinks and a foreground that picked up colors in her decor... It also had to add an an illusion of depth in the room .... To get unstuck, I called and asked her " Decscribe the picture you have in your mind"... This is my interpretation... I was delighted and relieved to see her hang the piece immediately ...


The 1st photograph, taken at an angle, best illustrates how the painting is viewed in the room... 

Blue River at Night - Commission January 2014

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A Chicago couple, with a beautifully decorated new home, wanted a painting that would blend with their color scheme of blues, greys and sand colors. "It must pop as well as bring a suggestionof interest/mystery ..."  

No matter how I varied the attempts to execute my own vison, the piece kept returning to what it is... I was delighted they approved! 

Clearly my sub-concious prevailed over my concious will!


Acrylic/Multi-Media on Canvas 30"x40" 

Fiery Islands - New Commission

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This piece was taken away with the paint still fresh... I received this photo today ... always good to see a picture framed and hanging in its new home!

Aqua Wreck - Latest Commission

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This client asked for a soft, yet bright seascape... Aqua Wreck 40x24  - Acrylic/Multi-media on canvas. I could not help adding another bit of rusted metal, making this yet another in my ongoing Wreck Series.... I draw such comfort from reminders that nature will eventually reclaim even the worst polliution/damage we inflict on the environment...


To discuss any items on this site or a commission...Call (416) 962-6700

Recent Commission

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A client commissioned Aqua Sea in the Mist... 30"x30" (sold) ... textured foreground on gallery canvas... I need to invest in a decent camera... Anything with white paint or the misty effect I love to create, just doesnt translate well colorwise... 

The same client also purchased the two smaller pieces 24"x18' ... Wreck at Sea I & II  (sold)