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Collaboration with Point Gallery - Thornhill Toronto

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A chance meeting with Jon & Nicola of Point Gallery lead to an agreement to collaborate. The gallery is currently exhibiting 4 of my larger wreck pieces (see below)

I am particularly delighted as the work of the other artists represented strongly resonates with my own taste. I feel at home! 

Drop by at their new location:

46 Centre Street, Thornhill - 416-997-1567  http://www.thepointgallery.ca/


'Victory' - Latest Essence of People Series Commission

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Acrylic/Multi-Media on Canvas 49”x37”  (Hockey stick protrusion 68”x43”)

An energy footprint of a young hockey player flushed with a sense of victory as the winning goal is scored!
The piece is more about what is not depicted… An image of absence ...! 

Rather than cut the hockey stick to fit the canvas, I decided that it would be interesting to have the stick extend beyond the canvas limits... 

Recycled items:
Canvas on wooden frame
Cotton bed-sheet
Don Mills/Jr. Flyer Hockey Sweater
Hockey stick
Hockey gloves

Commissions accepted!