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Rusted Wrecks on the Shore

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Ater a slow start this year, I am working on several pieces that feature rusted wrecks on the shore. While the theme of nature reclaiming man made objects continues to fascinate me, the popularity of these paintings has prompted me to consider an exhibition dedicated to this subject later this year! 

The darker piece, Wreck at Sunset, 48"x36" features a piece of rusted/encrusted metal found on the beach, intended to depict a decaying wreck that has merged into the landscape. I have incorporated sea-sand/pebbles (from wherever I spotted the metal pieces) into the textured foreground. The sunset/sea background derives from my imagination.   

The second, Wreck in the Mist, 40"x20" attempts to depict the pristine isolation of a wreck as an integral part of the landscape. The rusty hulk has no toxicity left...  

The third, Fiery Wreck 30'x40", fourth Wreck at Dawn 30"x30" & fifth Wreck - Afternoon Sky 14"x14'are similar in concept/construction... Capturing the precise moment of light emerging through cloud is always a challenge!

The sixth work High & Dry 30"x36"depicts an old wooden wreck stranded high above the receding water line... 

The smaller pieces, Partially Submerged Wreck 14x11, Wrecked Frigate 20'x20" & Beached Wreck II 14'x11"depict simplicity rather than my usual preoccupationwith the dramatic juxtaposition of nature and gradual decay...

Similiar work completed in 2011:

Commissions accepted!  

Highland Afternoon

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Highland Afternoon 36"x36" Acrylic/Multi-Media on Canvas. Sold

I painted this canvas outdoors... thought to finish it another day... I thought it too yellow... Not sure now ... it distinctly changes color/tone/hue in different room lighting... Perhaps I will leave it as is... Often a challenge to know when to stop...  :-) 

Commissions accepted: (416) 962-6700

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A Selection of Available Work - Commissions Accepted

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Opera inspired work!

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From time to time I am a supernumary (extra) in Canadian Opera Company productions. This exciting pastime oftentimes involves spending long periods of time on stage looking out at the house/audience - In the displayed works I have endeavoured to capture the view from the stage looking out... An endlessly amazing experience. The late Richard Bradshaw was an inspirational human being... These pieces are dedicated to his memory with gratitude for the magic he brought to so many!