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Red Sky at Low Tide

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60x40 Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

This piece was comissioned by a delightful client who wanted a red painting that "popped" - Intitially in trepidation of working with so much red, I pressed on... and this is the result. I had the pleasure of hanging the painting in her appartment... along with much red wine and taasty snacks... pleased with the outcome and how it looks in its new home!

Highland Sunset: Commission completed May 2018

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Acrylic on Gallery Canvas: 24"x18"

Commission for a special person!

Selection of Paintings Commissioned : Late 2017/Early 2018

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Blue Beach - 30"x40"

Blue Gorge - 32"x24"  one of my favourite creations

Bush Fire III - 60"x24"


Gulls Feeding: I covered an exisitng work with plaster.. dozens of gull-like shapes appeared... thought to go with the flow...


All Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

Highland Landscape

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My latest large canvas ... These were not the colors I originally intended... yet try as I may... the piece kept coming back to this palette... Strange!  

6'x3' Acrylic on Gallery Canvas with light tetured foreground...

Lighthouse at Night (sold)

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The desire to recycle an old, rather handsome, wooden frame prompted this work!

I plastered a rough wooden board (28"x16"), slowly building up color and texture that ultimately dictated the subject proportion/light/tone - The lighthouse shows again a whimsical urge to repeat favourite themes/moods!



Country Bridge

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I found an old canvas circa 2006 in the studio this week, one of my first attempts to use texture on canvas ...I decided to have another go at getting the piece to work... Finally something to show!

I guess it there is truth in the saying that some pieces defy completion until the time is right... much like so much else in life...



Lighthouse in the Mist

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My very first paintings depicted tons of lighthouses... A childhood fascination that has never waned. This piece is a lighter blue than the photo shows... I was looking to capture the sun reappearing after a storm! 



To enquire about any of the work depicted  - Call (416) 962-6700

New Work - April 2013

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Have at last time to paint again... a new piece Blue Shipwreck 40"x30" (multi-media/acrylic on canvas) is a toned down version of the usually turbulent skies I usually enjoy painting...

Dead Sea Sentinel 30"x40" (multi-media/acrylic on canvas) is a retouched earlier work that I thought lacked life... it now has more vibrant earthy/orange hues...

Collaboration with Point Gallery - Thornhill Toronto

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A chance meeting with Jon & Nicola of Point Gallery lead to an agreement to collaborate. The gallery is currently exhibiting 4 of my larger wreck pieces (see below)

I am particularly delighted as the work of the other artists represented strongly resonates with my own taste. I feel at home! 

Drop by at their new location:

46 Centre Street, Thornhill - 416-997-1567  http://www.thepointgallery.ca/


Reclaimed by Nature

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This experimental work, 30"x36" acrylic/multi-media on canvas, depicts the return of man-made objects to nature. The remnants of a rusted wreck returning to natural elements.

Metaphorically the world as we know it returns to the greater whole... The great unknown! My intention was to juxtapose structure and formlessness... All structure exists in a greater realm...  

The camera seemed incapable of capturing the teal tones of the piece... Another skill-set to develop! :-)