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Lessons (Mishon): An interpretation - New Commission

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A friend asked me to paint my interpretation of Lessons, sung by Mishon ... This is what I came up with....

"Seeing your style... feeling your shine..." versions 1 & 2 - Both are 24"x18" on gallery canvas...

Highland Sunset: Commission completed May 2018

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Acrylic on Gallery Canvas: 24"x18"

Commission for a special person!

Commission May 2018: Impending Storm

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Impending Storm - Acrylic on gallery canvas - 60"x40"

This particular work captures the original mental picture I started out with... So rare that it doesnt morph into something else!

Selection of Paintings Commissioned : Late 2017/Early 2018

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Blue Beach - 30"x40"

Blue Gorge - 32"x24"  one of my favourite creations

Bush Fire III - 60"x24"


Gulls Feeding: I covered an exisitng work with plaster.. dozens of gull-like shapes appeared... thought to go with the flow...


All Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

New Commission: Maple Leaf Hockey Player

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(double click on each thumbnail to see full size)

The client, a huge Maple Leaf fan, requested this work, Maple Leaf Hockey Player and provided the signed Doug Gilmour sweater, stick, gloves & helmet;

The framed piece is 40x32" Multi-Media on board ... and is now part of my Essence of People Series (see gallery);

This is the second hockey player in the series... The first commission, completed some years ago, was Essence of Victory

Commissions June-August 2016

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A selection of recent commissions delivered

New Paintings Delivered

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I was delighted to deliver these 3 pieces to the newly renovated home of a young family this week!  Fall Forest is the largest work... 60"x40", Sunset Crag 40"x30" is a vibrant piece that occupies a dramatic position at the top of the staircase, while Blue Highland 30"x40" is in soft blues and golds that the client wanted for the master bedroom,

All pieces are a mix of acrylic paint, plaster and natural material.