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New Work - April 2013

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Have at last time to paint again... a new piece Blue Shipwreck 40"x30" (multi-media/acrylic on canvas) is a toned down version of the usually turbulent skies I usually enjoy painting...

Dead Sea Sentinel 30"x40" (multi-media/acrylic on canvas) is a retouched earlier work that I thought lacked life... it now has more vibrant earthy/orange hues...

Abbott's Blue - Latest Commission

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An interior designer commissioned "a blue sky/seascape... with texture and eye-catching interest..."

This piece will apparently be placed in the client's "minimalistic room... all white with occasional splashes of cobalt-blue!"

It is always a relief when I have adequately complied with client vision!

Collaboration with Point Gallery - Thornhill Toronto

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A chance meeting with Jon & Nicola of Point Gallery lead to an agreement to collaborate. The gallery is currently exhibiting 4 of my larger wreck pieces (see below)

I am particularly delighted as the work of the other artists represented strongly resonates with my own taste. I feel at home! 

Drop by at their new location:

46 Centre Street, Thornhill - 416-997-1567  http://www.thepointgallery.ca/


Reclaimed by Nature

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This experimental work, 30"x36" acrylic/multi-media on canvas, depicts the return of man-made objects to nature. The remnants of a rusted wreck returning to natural elements.

Metaphorically the world as we know it returns to the greater whole... The great unknown! My intention was to juxtapose structure and formlessness... All structure exists in a greater realm...  

The camera seemed incapable of capturing the teal tones of the piece... Another skill-set to develop! :-) 

Rusted Wrecks on the Shore

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Ater a slow start this year, I am working on several pieces that feature rusted wrecks on the shore. While the theme of nature reclaiming man made objects continues to fascinate me, the popularity of these paintings has prompted me to consider an exhibition dedicated to this subject later this year! 

The darker piece, Wreck at Sunset, 48"x36" features a piece of rusted/encrusted metal found on the beach, intended to depict a decaying wreck that has merged into the landscape. I have incorporated sea-sand/pebbles (from wherever I spotted the metal pieces) into the textured foreground. The sunset/sea background derives from my imagination.   

The second, Wreck in the Mist, 40"x20" attempts to depict the pristine isolation of a wreck as an integral part of the landscape. The rusty hulk has no toxicity left...  

The third, Fiery Wreck 30'x40", fourth Wreck at Dawn 30"x30" & fifth Wreck - Afternoon Sky 14"x14'are similar in concept/construction... Capturing the precise moment of light emerging through cloud is always a challenge!

The sixth work High & Dry 30"x36"depicts an old wooden wreck stranded high above the receding water line... 

The smaller pieces, Partially Submerged Wreck 14x11, Wrecked Frigate 20'x20" & Beached Wreck II 14'x11"depict simplicity rather than my usual preoccupationwith the dramatic juxtaposition of nature and gradual decay...

Similiar work completed in 2011:

Commissions accepted!  

The Essence of Ruby Player: Zoomer Timeless Exhibition/Competition

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The Rugby Player, part of my Essence of People collection has been accepted into the Timeless exhibition/competition.

Curated by Moses Znaimer and the Propeller Gallery, the exhibition will be held athe Direct Energy Hall (CNE) on Saturday 29th October 2011, and subsequently at the Twist Gallery 1100 Queen Street East until 27th November 2011. http://www.zoomershow.ca/2011/tor/toronto.html

The Essence of a Rugby Player is a captured human footprint or moment, an image of absence – Hopefully evoking/inspiring an emotional response to what is not seen – Timeless youthful endeavor, energy, fitness & vitality … Dedication, discipline, team spirit, camaraderie & pride!

Youth & physical prowess may ebb, but the individual human spirit of determination & triumph is eternal… if passed on to others…New energy gathers and bears fruit!

 Nature reclaims a desert ruin, a rusty wreck on the shore… eternally transforming… not destroying!   

 To see the full Essence of People Collection: http://www.rodgerhardingart.com/Gallery1/index.html

African Bush Fire

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Acrylic/multi-media on canvas 48"x13"

I was delighted recently to see this piece, sold last year, simply framed and beutifully set off by two unique accessories. The owner, knowing my attachment to the work, kindly offered visitation rights at the time of purchase!  

The textured foreground contains actual African dirt/sand and the ash of burnt Protea leaves.

I often wonder where some of my work has ended up!

Bas-relief Plaster/Multi-Media on Wood

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Corroded Power I & II: 20"x16" Plaster, Acrylic/Multi-Media on wood  

This was an experiement using ceramic plaster - The pieces were inspired by the Cities of the Underworld -Televison series (unearthed buildings/sculpture/art of ancient sites below modern cities). 

 Corroded Power II has been sold

For commissions or to purchase: (416) 962-6700


Rusted Wrecks on the Shore!

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My latest work in the Beached Wreck series: This particular piece was inspired by a piece of rusted metal picked up on the beach last December. I thought the shape resembled the stern section of an old freighter. I gathered some beach sand/pebbles to provide the foreground relief/texture.

Over the past 2 years I have completed several pieces with the same theme - Again this reflects my pre-occupation with how everything is finally reclaimed by nature... Sad ... yet comforting!



A Selection of Available Work - Commissions Accepted

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