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Opera inspired work!

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From time to time I am a supernumary (extra) in Canadian Opera Company productions. This exciting pastime oftentimes involves spending long periods of time on stage looking out at the house/audience - In the displayed works I have endeavoured to capture the view from the stage looking out... An endlessly amazing experience. The late Richard Bradshaw was an inspirational human being... These pieces are dedicated to his memory with gratitude for the magic he brought to so many!

'Victory' - Latest Essence of People Series Commission

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Acrylic/Multi-Media on Canvas 49”x37”  (Hockey stick protrusion 68”x43”)

An energy footprint of a young hockey player flushed with a sense of victory as the winning goal is scored!
The piece is more about what is not depicted… An image of absence ...! 

Rather than cut the hockey stick to fit the canvas, I decided that it would be interesting to have the stick extend beyond the canvas limits... 

Recycled items:
Canvas on wooden frame
Cotton bed-sheet
Don Mills/Jr. Flyer Hockey Sweater
Hockey stick
Hockey gloves

Commissions accepted! 


Toronto Exhibition

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Rodger Harding exhibited work that explores moments of separation and departure in his latest series


(see gallery for more images)
Silent intensity through images of absence

D & E Lake Ltd. Fine Art, 1199 Yonge Street, Toronto


The exhibition ran from:

January 29, 2011 to February 24, 2011

Opening reception took place on Sunday, January 30, 2011  --  A big Thank you to all those who attended!

Commissions Accepted