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Seascapes 2011

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I was yearning for the sea this past weekend - Strong memories of early morning walks along the French Atlantic/Channel coastline inspired these canvases - Both 24" x18"

The first piece shown has been sold.


Interesting Fountains

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2 stone fountains inspired by kurkar rocks picked up on the eastern Mediterranean shore... Kurkar is the sediment left behind post the Thira/Santorini tsunami/earthquake thousands of years ago... The bowls are made from hypertufa to give an authentic feel.

Customized orders accepted (limited stone supply)

The green glass table fountain was made from broken blocks of green glass found in an Ottawa building scrapyard... The bowl was picked up by chance in a thriftstore!


Highland Afternoon

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Highland Afternoon 36"x36" Acrylic/Multi-Media on Canvas. Sold

I painted this canvas outdoors... thought to finish it another day... I thought it too yellow... Not sure now ... it distinctly changes color/tone/hue in different room lighting... Perhaps I will leave it as is... Often a challenge to know when to stop...  :-) 

Commissions accepted: (416) 962-6700

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Sunsets 2011

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More sunset scenes - The first two ... Sunset after the Storm 40"x30" (Sold) &Fiery Sky II 72"x36" (sold) both acrylic on canvas...have a burnt orange/yellowy/sienna palette that seems unavoidable at times! Both paintings have been sold.

The third piece ...Sentinels 40"x24" (sold) has a misty effect... very sensitive to light change.  

Commissions accepted: (416) 962-6700


Misty Greek Village at Dawn

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36"x30"  - Plaster/Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

This painting reflects my love of Greece.. the simplicity of the architecture and the rugged beauty of the shoreline.

The four smaller Greek scenes are night settings (sold in 2009) ... As work progressed on the curretn piece, the cleanliness of the monochramatic look prompted me to resist the use of vibrant color ... 

Commissions accepted (416) 962-6700


Bas-relief Plaster/Multi-Media on Wood

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Corroded Power I & II: 20"x16" Plaster, Acrylic/Multi-Media on wood  

This was an experiement using ceramic plaster - The pieces were inspired by the Cities of the Underworld -Televison series (unearthed buildings/sculpture/art of ancient sites below modern cities). 

 Corroded Power II has been sold

For commissions or to purchase: (416) 962-6700


Rusted Wrecks on the Shore!

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My latest work in the Beached Wreck series: This particular piece was inspired by a piece of rusted metal picked up on the beach last December. I thought the shape resembled the stern section of an old freighter. I gathered some beach sand/pebbles to provide the foreground relief/texture.

Over the past 2 years I have completed several pieces with the same theme - Again this reflects my pre-occupation with how everything is finally reclaimed by nature... Sad ... yet comforting!



A Selection of Available Work - Commissions Accepted

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Kurkar & Dead Sea Sand

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These pictures represent many pieces I have done incorporating actual kurkar and Dead Sea sand to depict the beauty of the Negev Desert & the Dead Sea region/area. The very natural way the ruins are reverting to the desert itself represents gradual molecular change... Reminding me that all creation is of nature itself.

Kurkar is the layered shale-like sediment that was washed in layers over the eastern Mediterranean during the Tsunami post Thira/Santorini eruption thousands of years ago. Apparently Israel has the only above ground deposit visible for all to see.  

All sold. If interested in commisioning a similiar piece, call (416) 962-6700

Opera inspired work!

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From time to time I am a supernumary (extra) in Canadian Opera Company productions. This exciting pastime oftentimes involves spending long periods of time on stage looking out at the house/audience - In the displayed works I have endeavoured to capture the view from the stage looking out... An endlessly amazing experience. The late Richard Bradshaw was an inspirational human being... These pieces are dedicated to his memory with gratitude for the magic he brought to so many!