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Red Sky at Low Tide

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60x40 Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

This piece was comissioned by a delightful client who wanted a red painting that "popped" - Intitially in trepidation of working with so much red, I pressed on... and this is the result. I had the pleasure of hanging the painting in her appartment... along with much red wine and taasty snacks... pleased with the outcome and how it looks in its new home!

Lessons (Mishon): An interpretation - New Commission

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A friend asked me to paint my interpretation of Lessons, sung by Mishon ... This is what I came up with....

"Seeing your style... feeling your shine..." versions 1 & 2 - Both are 24"x18" on gallery canvas...

Greek Roots - Inspiration: New Commissions

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A young intellelctual with distinct Greek roots, asked for a painting inspired by our converstions. These are my 3 attempts, entitled Serenity; Transience; Possibility; These words have underpinned all our conversations... Perhaps all 3 works belong together...?

Highland Sunset: Commission completed May 2018

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Acrylic on Gallery Canvas: 24"x18"

Commission for a special person!

Commission May 2018: Impending Storm

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Impending Storm - Acrylic on gallery canvas - 60"x40"

This particular work captures the original mental picture I started out with... So rare that it doesnt morph into something else!

Selection of Paintings Commissioned : Late 2017/Early 2018

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Blue Beach - 30"x40"

Blue Gorge - 32"x24"  one of my favourite creations

Bush Fire III - 60"x24"


Gulls Feeding: I covered an exisitng work with plaster.. dozens of gull-like shapes appeared... thought to go with the flow...


All Acrylic on Gallery Canvas

New Commission: Maple Leaf Hockey Player

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(double click on each thumbnail to see full size)

The client, a huge Maple Leaf fan, requested this work, Maple Leaf Hockey Player and provided the signed Doug Gilmour sweater, stick, gloves & helmet;

The framed piece is 40x32" Multi-Media on board ... and is now part of my Essence of People Series (see gallery);

This is the second hockey player in the series... The first commission, completed some years ago, was Essence of Victory

Commissions June-August 2016

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A selection of recent commissions delivered

New Paintings Delivered

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I was delighted to deliver these 3 pieces to the newly renovated home of a young family this week!  Fall Forest is the largest work... 60"x40", Sunset Crag 40"x30" is a vibrant piece that occupies a dramatic position at the top of the staircase, while Blue Highland 30"x40" is in soft blues and golds that the client wanted for the master bedroom,

All pieces are a mix of acrylic paint, plaster and natural material.

Recent work delivered!

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A rather special couple wanted pieces that refelcted deep blue hues...  They asked sky/seacape themes...

Cobalt Blue Wreck 36x20 is another ship-wreck scen that expreses my passion for nature reclaiming human pollution;

Appolonia 36x30 represents the Crusader ruins that remain on the beach/cliffs of Herzliya in Israel... the kurka rock and beach sand used come from the site;